Tinder Boyz

The story of two guys looking for love on the internet and failing.

Anonymous asked: post a selfie of you two?

Anonymous asked: You must be babes for all these girls to reply to you and I'm dying to know what you two look like.

Damn gurl, I guess, if you’re from Eastern Europe and “babe” is a colloquialism for “compulsive gambler with bags under his eyes aggressively trying to convince the night manager of a Burger King in Tulsa to let him order from the drive-thru window without a car.”

holyg0d asked: I would make a tinder for the purpose of having a conversation with you

Damn gurl putcha money where cha mouf is

Anonymous asked: Serious question: got a Tinder, boy messaged me, got my number, for some reason only talked to me on Tinder anyway. He messages me a few times, says shit like, "we should meet up" but never makes actual plans. I delete my Tinder account after a week of not talking to him (the other guys weren't very interesting, either) and literally an hour later he texts me. He takes over 24 hours to reply half the time but he always is the one to talk to me first. Is he interested? Is he catfishing me...?

Damn gurl, sounds like your average tinder user

Nmjc u?

Nmjc u?